Sacramento Neighborhood Dog Days Free Clinics

How much is the life of a pet worth to a family?  

How much is the love of a pet worth to a child?  

Most of us who grew up with pets will answer: priceless.

But for many in our community, the most basic elements of pet care, such as vaccines, spay and neuter surgery, collars and ID tags, and even pet food, are out of reach.

At 4 R Friends, we believe that every family with love and room for a pet deserves to have one.  We also believe that the only way to stop animals from dying every day in our shelters is to stem the tide of relinquished, lost, and abandoned animals entering the shelters.

Our mission is to help families with low incomes keep their pets healthy, happy, and at home.

Our work is supported by the generous donations from the public,  the support of local veterinarians, collaboration with local animal control agencies, and grants.

Please help us continue our work, and make a tax deductible donation today.