All of our pets live in foster homes while waiting to find the perfect forever home.  

Please contact us at to set up a time to met them in person.  

We will send you an adoption questionnaire to help you find the pet who is most suited to your family and home.


Freya is a wild thing, in all the best ways.  This petite tiger striped girl has a lust for life that cannot be quenched.  Thankfully, she is fantastic at modulating her exuberance and is content to snooze in her crate when play-time is over, and her foster people have to get some work done.  She plays beautifully with the little dogs in ehr household, has figured out that the bigger dog is not keen on her antics and leaves her alone.  

 Freya has that Border Collie smart-as-a-whip telepathic ability to sense what you are trying to teach her and pick up new tricks with a few tries.  She would be a fantastic pet for someone who wants a true companion, or someone with another active and playful dog at home who needs a companion to while away the hours while the 'rents are at work.

She has maxed out at about 28 lbs of pure muscle and joy.

Spayed, vaccianted, heartworm and flea prevention, microchipped, ready to go home! 

Asti aka Ash


Asti is a bundle of fun.  Just 4-5 months old, American Bulldog/Pit Bull/German Shorthair Pointer/Who Knows What Else, she is going to be a lanky athletic girl when she finished growing.  She loves to play with other dogs, is living peaceably with a cat, and has learned basic commands.  She is confident and outgoing, eager to make friends wherever she goes, and will make a terrific hiking, walking, cafe-sitting companion for an active social person or family.  

Female, spayed, vaccianted, microchipped, ready to go home!


Lexi --- Still Available!

We defy you to gaze into the eyes of this pint sized house-hippo, also known as an American Bully, Pocket Pit, love-muffin, and terrestrial pinniped, and not surrender to the deep desire to smooch the velvet muzzle and ply her with treats.  

Lexi is all love.  This 32 lb bundle of joy has overcome her hard beginnings with such fervor and resilience, she is an inspiration to all she meets.  Ofter having several litters of puppies, she ended up at the age of three years, at a local shelter with a poorly healed C section site, and required emergency surgery to put her back together.  After convalescing in foster care, her true colors started to shine.  

Lexi likes to meet and play with other dogs, but she does not need their company at home to feel satisfied and safe.  She is quiet and happy to stay at home, in her crate or on the sofa while her people are at work.  She is gentle and sweet with kids, loves to meet new people, and chew (mostly) on her own toys.  She loves nothing more than to play in the jet of the hose, get a shampoo, and cuddle with her person.

She has a powerful desire to chase cats, so a no cat household is recommended.

Spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested negative, housetrained, good on leash. 






Honeybear is still looking for Mr/Ms Right. 
Having recovered from abandonment as a puppy, a stint in the doggie slammer, and parvo, she is raring to go full blast into life.

She is great with kids, other dogs, a little more curious about cats than the cats might like, and full of love.
Spayed, vaccinated, heartworm negative, and looking for love.
Contact us at for info on adopting her.







Born: October 29, 2015

Sex: Male 

Breed: Pit Bull/Boxer Mix

Size When Full Grown: Medium to Large

Coat: Short Fur 

Energy Level: High Energy

Biography:  Roo was orphaned at 3 days of age, and was bottle fed with three of his litter-mates by our foster caretaker.  He has had no health problems.

From his current foster family:

Roo is a crate trained-has NEVER made a peep from his crate!

He is perfecting potty training-he understands to go outside but still learning how to alert a human to let him out (scratch/bark at door).

He lives with several other dogs, and has learned to respect their space and read them pretty darn well!

Roo LOVES to play with toys, dogs and humans.

He’s a pretty confident little fella, and afraid of nothing.

Roo is VERY motivated so training has been SUPER FUN for both Roo and human! He has learned all his basic obedience including sit, down, come, stay, out/drop it, leave it.  He waits for his meals until released and will even wait at doors!

Roo also has tricks under his belt: Roll over, shake, spin, shut the door, and will recall out of just about anything!  

He is cat savvy!  He pays no attention to our cats now, not even interested when they run! 

He’s also a PROFESSIONAL CUDDLER!  LOVES to wind down after a fun filled day in the arms of any human or canine companion! 



Born: Mid-summer 2014

Sex: Neutered Male 

Breed: Pit Bull/Mastiff Mix

Size When Full Grown: Extra-Large

Coat: Short Fur 

Energy Level: High Energy

Waggers is the very definition of a big, hunky, boyfriend kind of dog.  

This handsome blue pit bull was stranded in an intersection, with a tan chihuahua as a running buddy.  We found the chihuahua's family, but no-one claimed Waggers.  

He gets along beautifully with the two other big dogs in his foster home, greets new acquaintances with a soft muzzle smooch, and practically melts into a puddle of love when his belly is rubbed. 

He is a big strong boy, and still needs to learn some leash manners, so he will be best suited to a robust family willing to take him to some training classes.

Waggers is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, on flea and heartworm prevention, and ready to go home!





Puppy #3 ADOPTED!

One of three German Shepherd Dog puppies we took from the Sacramento Front Street Shelter to nurse through parvo in October, Puppy is the only one still looking for his forever home.

He was born in late August, is a black and tan (unregistered) purebred German Shepherd Dog.  He is living with another dog and cat, and is gentle and affectionate with all he meets.  We expect him to grow to be a big energetic dog, so an active family will be best for him.  

He is not carrying the parvo virus any longer, so there is no need to worry about him spreading it.

He is on flea and heartworm prevention, and will be fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped before adoption.