Boo was brought in to emergency as an 11 week old frail little milc chocolate puppy, all her bones showing. She would lock green eyes on her vet, and wiggle the very tip of her tail as though pleading for approval and love. She had been vomiting for days, and now had bloody diarrhea. The parvo test just confirmed what we all suspected already- she had the deadly virus of unvaccinated puppies who are allowed to walk the streets. When presented with an estimate for 3 days of ICU care, her young owners debated whether to pay for care, or to provide their daughter with a present for her third birthday. After a few minutes, the decision was to euthanize the puppy, and it was a relief to the owners to find that someone would be willing to take care of the little girl. Boo survived, but only after 10 days in the ICU, and a blood transfusion from Buck, the vet’s dog.