Chloe is a chihuahua with the spindly physique of a ballerina. When she was accidentally dropped, both her front legs were broken. Her owners lacked the funds to undertake the surgical repairs recommended by the veterinarian, and tried instead to see if splints would work. After weeks and weeks of splint changes, skin sores and infections, and still unstable legs, the owners gave up. Chloe had become a true staff favorite during her treatment. The most social, brave chihuahua ever, she had endured painful weekly procedures with great courage, and always showed intense affection for the technicians. Rather than see her euthanized, we took her home. One leg was operated on, with a plate implanted to stabilize her leg, while the other one did mend with a splint more carefully attended. Although her sweet charms would be enough to merit her rescue, she more than earned her keep by being the seeing eye dog for Gildy during her convalescence after losing both eyes.