Daisy Anna

Daisy Anna was dropped off at the emergency vet hospital where our veterinarian works. It was a blustery November night and she was a skinny little pit bull puppy, not more than 12 weeks old. We were told she had been found running around the neighborhood. Within minutes of arriving, it became clear that she had the deadly virus of unvaccinated puppies, Parvo. The technicians, receptionist, and the puppy all locked pleading eyes on our vet. Needless to say, she spent several days in the ICU, and once recovered, went home to finish her convalescence with the vet and her small pack of rescued pit bull dogs. Daisy has grown up strong, sweet, and beautiful, with no hint of her early misfortune. She is good with other dogs, still learning her manners on leash, but we feel confident that with a little diligent training, she will be a model citizen. Daisy has been spayed, is vaccinated, on heart worm and flea preventative. 60 lbs Female spayed Born 9-1-10