Dolores, aka the incredible melting dog. She was left behind, staked in the yard, when her family moved away. Neighbors brought her food and water, and after five days vigil, brought her home with them. Despite her early neglect, Dolores is just about as heart-achingly gentle and loving as a dog could be. Given a hint of affection, she turns into a puddle of sweetness. She seems to be a Shar Pei and bull dog mix, with the Shar pei showing mostly in her more diminutive size, her squishable lips, and her slightly prickly fur. She is about 2 years old, has had at least one litter of pups, and has been spayed. She is housed with a number of other dogs as well as cats at her foster home, and gets along with them well. She is house broken, and walks like a dream on a leash. We love her, and know you will too.