May we introduce Lizzie, aka Mary Jane, thief of hearts. It was her wispy tri-color locks and bright eyes that first made her stand out among the other scruffy delights at the Sacramento City Shelter. The few hints we had about her origins endeared her to us even more. She was relinquished to the shelter wearing service dog tags. Whatever plot twists led her to us, we will never know. But we will be darned sure to give her story a very happy ending. You can help us do that. Izzy walks like an old rodeo rider with painfully bowed legs. This is because she has dislocated kneecaps and torn cruciate ligaments in both knees. She needs surgery to correct the injuries. The estimated cost, after a generous rescue discount, is $4,000. Please donate to the Fund for Lizzie’s Legs, and help give her story a happy ending.