The History of Neighborhood Dog Days

Neighborhood Dog Days started in 2012 as a modest effort to provide free vaccines for puppies.  We were tired of seeing how many puppies, especially pit bulls, in low income neighborhoods were dying each spring and summer from parvo, a perfectly preventable virus.  We held the first vaccine clinic, called Neighborhood Pit Bull Days at the Colonial Heights Library on Stockton Blvd in South Sacramento in February 2012.  We hoped we could attract one hundred pet owners.  While we knew that the needs were great, we never anticipated how great the interest would be.  An hour before the event was scheduled to begin, we counted 300 dogs with their owners, in a line that curled all the way around the block.  Thanks to our co-sponsor, the Front Street Shelter, we were able to get enough vaccines to serve almost all who waited in line.  


Our Goals

We want to help low income pet owners keep their pets happy, healthy, and at home, out of the shelters, and off the streets.  

We provide, free to all, the basics of responsible pet ownership to low income dog owners, including distemper/parvo vaccines, rabies vaccines, flea prevention, collars with engraved ID tags, deworming, and appointments for free spay and neuter surgery.  

And Counting.... Number of pets served

2015, our biggest year yet!  1,955 dogs treated with vaccines, flea prevention, deworming, given collars and ID tags, and a chance for free spay neuter.  380 have had the benefit of our free vet exams, and been treated for numerous chronic conditions, injuries, and even parvo.