Zippy is a wonder of joy and resiliency. He is a leggy little terrier mix, with wildly soft strawberry blond hair and deep brown eyes. He has a high stepping way of dashing about that will make you want to jump up and play along with him. He is neutered, vaccinated, crate trained, on flea and heartworm prevention, and has a Home Again Microchip. Zippy was brought to us by the Sacramento City Animal Control, who found him with his mouth tied tightly shut. The ligature had cut through his muzzle, causing a nasty wound and infection. He has had a series of surgeries, and is now as good as new. He has epilepsy, with seizures every 3-4 weeks. He is on medication, and his condition does not limit his activity, nor should it limit his life span in any way. While Zippy likes to play with other dogs, and is a very sweet boy, he does like to have his person to himself at the end of the day. For this reason, we recommend that he live in a house with no other dogs. Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and on heartworm preventative.